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Answer Key for Verb Tense and Form Review Group 1 Note: ‘5 years ago’ = 2003, so that’s the same as saying ‘since 2003’ (don’t change ‘since’ to ‘for’ unless you take out the ‘ago’). A. I have been studying English since 5 years ago. OR I have studied ( been studying ) English for 5 years. (no ‘ago’) B. Correct (repeated action in the past with no definite time frame which may occur again in the future.) C. Correct (an action which may have occurred at any point between the beginning of your life and now) D. They have lived (have been living) here for six years , so they know the neighborhood. OR They lived here for six years, so they know the neighborhood. (they moved away; it’s over now) E. When I started college in 1986 , I wanted to study engineering. Group II Note: There are four conditional sequences: 1. Present + present = fact or general truth. ‘If water freezes, it contracts .’ ‘If you’re hungry, you need to eat’. 2.
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Answer+Key+for+Verb+Tense+and+Form+Review[1] - Answer Key...

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