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notes 2-05 - WEATHER SYMBOLS•Intermittent light rain –...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-5-08WEATHER SYMBOLS•Intermittent light rain – one dot •Continuous light rain – two dots – horizontal arrangement•Intermittent moderate rain – two dots – vertical arrangement•Continuous moderate rain – 3 dots – triangle arrangement•Intermittent heavy rain – 3 dots – vertical alignment•Continuous heavy rain – 4 dots – diamond arrangement•Intermittent light snow - * asterisk•Continuous light snow - ** 2 asterisks – horizontally aligned•R symbol – thunderstormCHAPTER 2 – RADIATIONHEAT TRANSFER IN THE ATMOSPHERE•Conduction – transfer of head from molecule to molecule within a substance•Convection – transfer of heat by the mass movement of a fluid•Radiation – transfer of heat energy by the rapid oscillations of electromagnetic fields in spaceoshorter the wavelength, more energetic the waveRADIATION TERMS:•Wien’s Law oFind the constant of the object and divide by temp to find maximum wavelength•Stefan-Boltzman LawoR~T^4•Shortwave/Longwave Radiation•Visible Spectrumo.4 - .7 are the only visible wavelengthsoless than .4 = ultraviolet raysogreater than .7 = infrared rays•Absorbers/ReflectorsoAll objects not only radiate energy, they absorb it as welloIf an object radiates more energy than it absorbs, it gets colderoIf an object absorbs more energy than it emits, it gets warmeroThe rate at which something radiates and absorbs energy depends strongly on it’s surface characteristics, such as :Color, texture, moisture, and temperature...
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notes 2-05 - WEATHER SYMBOLS•Intermittent light rain –...

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