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Answers for Exercise G-28 Part I. The Reporter’s Questions 1. The reporter asked Mr. Foster who was on strike. 2. He asked how long they had been on strike. 3. He also inquired if any of the civil employees were on strike. 4. The reporter wanted to know exactly why the student workers were on strike. 5. He asked how much money they made/were making and how much they were asking for. 6. The reporter asked how the strike had affected the people who ate in the cafeteria. 7. He asked how long they expected the strike to continue. Part II. 1. Mr. Foster said that all of the student workers were on strike. 2. He stated that they had been on strike for four days.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Mr. Foster replied that they were not on strike because they already had a satisfactory contract. 4. He answered that it was simple – they needed higher wages. 5. Mr. Foster told the reporter that they were getting only $3.00 an hour, which was below minimum wage, and they had to/must get at least $5.25 an hour. 6. Mr. Foster asserted that service was slower because there no student workers to carry the trays or wash the dishes, and the cooks had to do their jobs. 7. Mr. Foster said firmly that they would not go back until the administration was willing to negotiate....
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