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EL104 – Article Practice Directions: Please add, change or take away ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’, and ‘of’ from the following passage as necessary. …In the fall of my senior year, a member of the junior varsity football team had broken training and been caught. I cannot recall the exact nature of the offense, but it was serious enough to merit his expulsion from the team. The c oach called a team meeting, and most of the players argued that the accused be dropped from the team. I stood and offered the only argument for a less severe punishment. The s tudent in question had, in fact, broken training. But unlike the rest of us, he had chosen at the start of the year not to sign the pledge promising to abide by the training rules faithfully. Had he signed the pledge, he would have been expelled from the school, because violating the pledge constituted an honor offense. Had he signed it, I wouldn’t have defended him.
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Unformatted text preview: But he had not. Moreover, he had not been caught breaking training, but had confessed the offense and expressed his remorse freely, without fear of discovery. I thought his behavior was no less honorable than that of a student who had signed the pledge and adhered to its provisions. ………. .At the s tart, most of my teammates wanted to hang the guy. But I argued that he had made a mistake that he sincerely regretted, and, uncoerced, had admitted the infraction. His behavior deserved no further disciplinary action. …When some of the other guys started to come around to my point of view, our coach closed the discussion by voicing support for my judgment. The t eam then voted to drop the matter. Adapted from Faith of My Fathers , by Senator John McCain with Mark Salter, Perennial Publishers, 1999....
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