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Essay Error List – EL104 Major Errors: These will cost you 3 points each on at-home essays; five or more will result in a failing grade on in-class writing. They are as follows: -Subject/Verb Agreement -Comma Splices, Run-ons, and Fragments -Verb Tense -Verb Form -Adverb, Adjective, and Noun Clause Errors Not-so-major Errors: These will cost you 1 point each on at-home essays; on an in-class essay, if you have enough so that they interfere with the reader’s comprehension or your writing does not sound like English, they could cause a failing grade. -Article errors -Unclear phrasing -Misused words -Parallel Structure Minor Errors: These are ½ point on at-home essays and will not cause you to fail an in- class essay unless they pile up and interfere with comprehension or flow. They include all items not listed above. Error Codes These are the numbers I will use to designate errors on your essays, both in-class and at home. This checklist can also help you to pinpoint and eliminate recurring errors.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. ____ Subject/verb agreement 18. _____ Incorrect preposition 2. ____ Comma splice or run-on 19. _____ Verb form error 3. ____ Fragment 20. _____ Verb tense error 4. ____ Article error 21. _____ Unclear phrasing 5. ____ Missing word(s) 22. _____ Unnecessary repetition 6. ____ Parallel structure 23. _____ Comparative or Sup. error 7. ____ Pronoun switching 24. _____ Incorrect pronoun 8. ____ Passive structure error 25. _____ Active/passive confusion 9. ____ Misused word(s) 26. _____ Singular/plural error 10. ____ Punctuation error 27. _____ Capitalization error 11. ____ Spelling error 28. _____ Sentence makes no sense 12. ____ Word order error 29. _____ Adjctive form error 13. ____ Adjective Clause error 30. _____ Dangling modifier 14. ____ Adverb Clause error 31. _____ Apostrophe/possessive 15. ____ Noun Clause error 16. ____ Demonstrative adjective error (this/that/these/those) 17. ____ Part of speech error...
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