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Practice for ‘ing’ and ‘ed’ adjectives Complete the following sentences using the ‘ing’ or ‘ed’ participle of the verb in parentheses as an adjective. **In some cases, the adjective has an ‘ive’ form instead of an ‘ing’. (so keep that in mind) 1. The employee hoped that he could get a raise by making ____________________ (flatter) comments to his boss. 2. Unfortunately, his plan backfired because the boss was ____________________ (annoy) rather than _____________________ (flatter) by the comments. 3. The speaker’s knowledge of the subject matter was really __________________ (impress), and the audience was ______________________ (fascinate) by his talk. 4. The decorator’s addition of new curtains to the room was really a _________________ (please) improvement in the décor. 5. Some people found the comedian’s jokes _____________________ (offend), but
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Unformatted text preview: most people were ____________________ (amuse). 6. What a ______________________ (horrify) movie! I had to sleep with the lights on for weeks! 7. During the first year in college, a student can often feel _______________________ (overwhelm) by the amount of homework to be done. 8. Everyone could see that the newly married couple was ____________________ (elate) to be together. 9. I have a friend who likes to watch _________________________ (depress) movies so that she can cry. 10. Some people believe that press stories about President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were ____________________ (mislead), and that the public was ___________________ (insult) by the amount of sex and other ‘unnecessary’ information in news coverage at the time....
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