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EL104 – Gerund Phrases, Verb Forms, and Infinitives Part I. Gerund Phrases. Please complete the following sentences with an ‘ing’ phrase in the present or past, active or passive, as appropriate. 1. Upon ___ returning _____________________ (return) from our trip, we realized we had forgotten to turn on the burglar alarm. 2. Because of ______ having fired ______________________ (fire) his best employee, the boss found himself without any help in the office. 3. After ____ being sentenced/having been sentenced ______________________________ (sentence) to death, Scott Peterson was moved to San Quentin prison. 4. Walmart is upset about Maryland’s new health benefit law because the company sees itself as the only business ______ being targeted ____________________________ (target) by the new legislation. 5. We couldn’t accept our neighbor’s invitation because of already ________ having been invited __________________________________ (invite) to another event. 6. When I got home from the grocery store, I was angry at myself for _____ having forgotten _______________________________ (forget) to buy bananas. 7. Their electricity was cut off due to their _____ not having paid _______________________________ (pay, not) the bill. 8. We are experiencing a lot of inconvenience due to a developer’s _______ constructing _________________________________ (construct) a new townhouse development next to ours.
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