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MOL Study Questions - Classes 5 & 6 (S11)

MOL Study Questions - Classes 5 & 6 (S11) -...

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V55.0310 NATURAL SCIENCE II: THE MOLECULES OF LIFE SPRING 2011 STUDY QUESTIONS – CLASSES 5 & 6 These questions should be used to guide your studying for the course. Some questions address foundational knowledge and concepts, with important scientific terms highlighted in bold . Other questions ( written in italics ) identify certain skills that you should develop throughout the course. I recommend that you review these questions each week to ensure that you are keeping up with the course topics. It is also beneficial to write short answers to the questions in the spaces provided. You can use these answers as a study guide when preparing for exams. These questions are intended for your benefit and they do not need to be submitted as a class assignment. CLASS 5: FROM ATOMS TO MOLECULES (Part 2) Reading: Chapter 3 – From Atoms to Molecules Bohr Model of the Atom When white light from the sun is passed through a prism, it produces a continuous spectrum of color (i.e. a rainbow). What do the emission spectra of atoms (e.g., hydrogen and helium) look line?
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