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Presentation Guidelines (MOL S11) - V55.0310 Natural...

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V55.0310 Natural Science II: Molecules of Life Spring 2011 PRESENTATION GUIDELINES 1. GOALS OF THE ASSIGNMENT One of the assignments for this semester is to research and give a presentation on a topic of your own choosing that is relevant to the course content. This assignment enables you to develop your skills in studying and interpreting a scientific topic in more depth. It will also illustrate how the foundational material we have studied in class is applicable to a wide range of different topics. One of the major challenges you will encounter is how to make sense of scientific material that is sometime very detailed and uses technical language that you haven’t previously encountered. This is a challenge even for trained scientists (like myself) who read about topics outside their field of expertise. In these cases, you should strive to interpret the material in ways that make sense to you – look up the meanings of scientific terms, relate what you have discovered to the content of the course, and create your own analogies to understand and communicate the scientific concepts. This type of active interpretation is an essential skill when learning science. What you should not do is prepare a presentation that contains a lot of jargon that you don’t understand. It will be very clear to us if you are faking it and this strategy will immediately run into trouble during the Q&A session after your presentation. 2. SCHEDULE AND PROJECT CREDIT This project will be graded out of 50 points but it will count as a double-credit assignment in the lab (i.e., your presentation score will be equivalent to two labs). Two weeks of lab sessions will be devoted to the presentation project: April 21/22 Presentation outline and research 10 points April 28/29 Group presentations 40 points 3. PRESENTATION OUTLINE For the laboratory session on April 21/22 , each group should collaborate in preparing a 1 – 2 page outline of your presentation topic. Use a Microsoft Word for this document (you will use PowerPoint later). And bring it at the beginning of the lab session . This outline should include: A one paragraph description of your topic and why you think it is interesting and important. A list of main topics or questions that you wish to explore further.
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Presentation Guidelines (MOL S11) - V55.0310 Natural...

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