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Natural Science 2 Paper - Brian Cabrera Thursday 1:00PM...

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Brian Cabrera Thursday 1:00PM Emily The Rise of the Superbug and the Decline of Antibiotic Resistance What exactly is Antibiotic resistance? Antibiotic resistance is the ability of microbes, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungi, to grow in the presence of a drug that would normally kill it or limit its growth. Non-resistant bacteria multiply, and upon drug treatment, the bacteria die. Drug resistant bacteria multiply as well, but upon drug treatment, the bacteria continue to spread. Increasing use of antimicrobial in humans, animals, and agriculture has resulted in many microbes developing resistance to these powerful drugs. Many infectious diseases are increasingly difficult to treat because of antimicrobial-resistant organisms, including HIV infection, staphylococcal infection, tuberculosis, influenza, gonorrhea, candida infection, and malaria. There are many natural causes to antibiotic resistance. A possible cause for antibiotic resistance is explained by microbial mutation. These organisms duplicate very quickly by dividing themselves. The reproduction process creates some mutations. These mutations may assist in resistance of specific microorganisms. A large count of mutations will create more resistance to an antibiotic. Some microorganisms may also exchange genes and traits that work to assist other microorganisms. Another cause to antibiotic resistance stems from the idea of selection. Some microorganisms may carry resistance traits while others may not. The ones that do are the microorganisms that will continue to live and pass the resistance genes and traits to their offspring. Eventually, this repetition will create a population of microorganisms that are not vulnerable to a recognized antibiotic. Humans also take an active part to help the work of antibiotic resistance. Unfortunately, the issue begins with doctors themselves who do not prescribe appropriate drugs to their patients. The medication prescribed is usually stronger than necessary for the patient. Exaggerated prescriptions of drugs facilitates the resistance process in a broad perspective. It is unfortunate that humans take an
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Natural Science 2 Paper - Brian Cabrera Thursday 1:00PM...

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