Economic History of US Emails

Economic History of US Emails - Here's the Philipsburg...

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Here's the Philipsburg Manor site I was telling you about, easily accessible by train: This is highly recommended. Also, here's a broader selection of historic sites, which are supposed to be very nice, but may not be as topical to our interests: I'll inquire as to who would actually go on a class filed trip next class. Otherwise, I encourage you to go, and bring a friend. Have a nice weekend, Professor Young-Taft Please find the Chang reading - about 6 pages - online and read it for Thursdays class. We may not get to it, but we should be prepared for it in case we do. Thanks, Professor Young-Taft Here is an interesting looking lecture the 13th at the New School just up the street considering some of these problems we have discussed relative to the state and the economy from a Keynesian perspective. Oct. 13th: SCEPA Heilbroner lecture with Lord John Eatwell SCEPA Presents the Annual Heilbroner Lecture Featuring Lord John Eatwell on The Theoretical Foundations of Current Distress 6:00pm, October 13, 2011 Kellen Auditorium, 66 Fifth Avenue, 1st floor, Room 101 Admission is free. Reservations required at Please join us in celebration of the 80th anniversary of John Maynard Keynes' lectures at The New
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Economic History of US Emails - Here's the Philipsburg...

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