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Examples of Possible Paper Topics Note: you are free to chose a topic we have not discussed yet, though the specified restrictions apply. It is recommended that you take advantage of your ability to turn in drafts for comments, and for students for whom English is not their first language to use the writing center to help with their English. The following citations come from the Passell and Attack book. 1) Consider the Rostow/North/Martin/Towne & Rasmussen/David controversy concerning the trajectory of growth in early America from Ch. 1, p. 6-14. 2) Consider the Galenson-Grubb controversy concerning the dynamics of the labor force surrounding free, indentured, and enslaved labor from Ch. 2, p. 40-51. 3) Consider the Harper-Thomas-McClelland debate concerning the costs and benefits of the revolution, from Ch. 3, p. 58-65. 4) Consider the complex of issues surrounding the tariff and infant industry debate as it played out in early American economic development, particularly
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Unformatted text preview: considering such positions as Norths, Taussigs, Changs, Metzler, James, Harleys, and Davids, as in Ch. 5 and 6 from our book, and the supplementary reading from Chang. 5) Consider the relationship between the intensity in animal husbandry and dairying in New England relative to the increase in productivity of manufacturing in determining the labor demand during the mid-eighteen hundreds, pace Rothenberg and Sokoloff from Ch. 7. 6) Consider the arguments considering the effects of learning-by-doing, it conditionality on its dependency on the tariff of the 1830s, and the challenge that productivity gains may in fact have been due to increased in work intensity rather than productivity, considered by Davis and Stettler, Bils, and Lazonick and Brush in Ch. 7 respectively. Finally, please feel free to discuss any questions or concerns you may have concerning the paper at any stage of its production with the Professor or TA....
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