P14 - DM $75,000 DL $43,000 MO $18,100 PC $22,100 (b)...

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P14-1A Bjerg Company specializes in manufacturing a unique model of bicycle helmet. The model is well accepted by consumers, and the company has enough orders to keep the factory production at 10,000 helmets per month (80% of its full capacity). Bjerg's monthly manufacturing cost and other expense data are as follows. Rent on factory equipment Insurance on factory building Raw materials (plastics, polystyrene, etc.) Utility costs for factory Supplies for general office Wages for assembly line workers Depreciation on office equipment Miscellaneous materials (glue, thread, etc.) Factory manager's salary Property taxes on factory building Advertising for helmets Sales commissions Depreciation on factory building Hint: Classify manufacturing costs into different categories and compute the unit cost. (SO 3 , 4 ) Instructions (a) Prepare an answer sheet with the following column heading Product Costs Direct Labor
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Enter each cost item on your answer sheet, placing the dolla appropriate headings. Total the dollar amounts in each of th
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Unformatted text preview: DM $75,000 DL $43,000 MO $18,100 PC $22,100 (b) Compute the cost to produce one helmet. P14-4A The following data were taken from the records of Stellar Manufacturing Company for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2010. $ 48,000 Factory Insurance 39,600 Factory Machinery Depreciation Finished Goods Inventory 96,000 Factory Utilities Finished Goods Inventory 95,900 Office Utilities Expense Work in Process Inventory 19,800 Sales Work in Process Inventory 18,600 Sales Discounts 149,250 Plant Manager's Salary 24,460 Factory Property Taxes 27,000 Factory Repairs Raw Materials Purchases Cash Hint: Prepare a cost of goods manufactured schedule, a partial income statement, and a partial balance sheet. (SO 5 , 6 , 7 ) Instructions (a) Prepare a cost of goods manufactured schedule. (Assume al direct materials.) CGM $367,910 (b) Prepare an income statement through gross profit. Gross profit $181,790 (c) Prepare the current assets section of the balance sheet at Jun Current assets $213,100...
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P14 - DM $75,000 DL $43,000 MO $18,100 PC $22,100 (b)...

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