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From MathMotivation.com – Permission Granted For Use and Modification For Non-Profit Purposes Absolute Value Equations Equations with a variable or variables within absolute value bars are known as Absolute Value Equations . Examples: x - 3 = 5 2x - 3 + x = 2 Method To Solve Absolute Value Equations: To solve absolute value equations, remember to do the following: Isolate the absolute value expression on one side of =. So for example, use the Addition Property of Equality to subtract x from both sides of 2x - 3 + x = 2 to result in 2x - 3 = 2 - x . Use the Absolute Value Equation Property to solve two cases without the absolute values, one positive and one negative. In the above example, you would solve 2x - 3 = 2 - x and 2x - 3 = -(2 – x). After solving, check all answers . You may get extraneous solutions! In the example above, we would get answers of x=5/3 and x=1. It turns out that both work. Example:
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Absolute-Value-Equations - Absolute Value Equations...

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