Absolute-Value-Inequalities - Solving Absolute Value...

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From MathMotivation.com – Permission Granted For Use and Modification For Non-Profit Purposes Solving Absolute Value Inequalities Absolute Value inequalities may be solved using the general methods for solving inequalities – see http://www.mathmotivation.com/lectures/Inequalities.pdf . In summary you replace the inequality symbol with =, solve this equation to find the critical numbers, plot the critical numbers, and test the intervals. For example, the inequality x - 2 < 3 may be solved by first solving x - 2 = 3 to get x=5 and x=-1. (See http://www.mathmotivation.com/lectures/Absolute-Value-Equations.pdf ). Then, plot the critical numbers x = 5 and x = -1 on the number line and check the intervals. The test value of Interval Two, x=0 results in a true statement when substituted into x -2 < 3 where as the test values of Interval One and Interval Three, x = -2 and x =6, result in false statements. So Interval Two, makes up the solution, i.e. –1< x < 5. But, there is a shortcut. And provided you use this shortcut for correctly, you will get the
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Absolute-Value-Inequalities - Solving Absolute Value...

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