Elementary-Graphing - Elementary Graphing, Distance...

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From MathMotivation.com – Permission Granted For Use and Modification For Non-Profit Purposes Elementary Graphing, Distance Formula, & Graphs of Circles Graphing in the plane consists of plotting coordinate pairs. In this section we will see how the distance formula is used. Graphing Points When graphing a point (x, y), the first coordinate defines the location on the horizontal axis and the second coordinate defines the location on the vertical axis. So a point (3,-5) would have a horizontal coordinate of 3 and a vertical coordinate of –5. Elementary Graphing of Equations If you are graphing equations for the first time and you have no specialized method to use, you can graph many equations by doing the following: 1. Find and plot all y-intercepts. To find these let x = 0 and solve for y. Then find and plot all x-intercepts. To find these, let y=0 and solve for all values of x. 2. Find and plot more points on in between the intercepts you plotted and on each side of the intercepts you plotted. 3.
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Elementary-Graphing - Elementary Graphing, Distance...

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