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21A.100 Prof. Howe More On The Nuer 1. Ghost Marriage: a woman is married to a dead man a. Among the Nuer, this kind of marriage is almost as frequent as marriage to a living man b. A living man is found to physically father a child for the dead man. TO understand this, one must distinguish between: i. The Genitor – biological father ii. The Pater – legal father c. This often takes place when a man is killed in a feud. Bloodwealth payments are used to pay the brideprice far the dead man’s marriage. i. The point is to fulfill the dead man’s lineage ii. The children of the dead man may eventually avenge him, despite the payment of bloodwealth d. In this way, bride wealth and blood wealth are fluid and tied together ina cycle. e. Sudan is not the only place where this happens. In France, if a man and woman are engaged, but the man dies, the woman can still legally marry him and have the legal benefits of the union 2. Woman Marriage: if a woman is barren, she may assume the legal role of a man. She will marry a woman and use a genitor to father children 3. So kinship is constructed, not simply natural.
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a. This system is imposed on seemingly natural patterns b. Despite their patrilineal descents, the Nuer see maternal kinship as much more natural i. The father has to overcome his children’s natural connections to their mother ii. A man uses payments of cattle to his wife’s lineage to establish his
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anth100 - 21A.100 Prof. Howe More On The Nuer 1. Ghost...

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