lecture_17_2 - 21A.100 Prof. Howe More Problems With...

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Unformatted text preview: 21A.100 Prof. Howe More Problems With Culture 1. The culture concept has been used and misused a. This notion has traveled around the world. It can be considered one of Anthropologys great successes. b. Culture has also been distorted i. Assumptions that cultures have clear boundaries ii. Assumption that culture is associated with one people 1. this often leads to re-racializing culture iii. Assumption that culture is somehow timeless and unchanging c. Anthropologists see culture as: i. Moving rapidly across borders ii. Contradictory iii. Messy iv. Involving everything in life d. Previous misconceptions of culture have a bad habit of sticking around 2. Culture and Folklore: Many currents in popular use of the culture concept were anticipated in the 19 th century with the study of folklore a. Emerged as a big field of study in 19 th century during a wave of nationalism in Europe i. A nation by definition is not an arbitrary unit like a state ii. It assumes an organic unity iii. People were looking to solidify their national identity, or justify the formation of a new nation, by gathering folklore or lore b. Folklorists spread out to look for stories, songs, clothing, food and other items that were representative of a cultural tradition, i.e. the Grimm brothers collecting fairytales i. These things were often gathered from peasants ii. Thought they express a unity of the people...
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lecture_17_2 - 21A.100 Prof. Howe More Problems With...

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