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2_7_05_216j_rev - relationship • Nursing ethics power...

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21A.216J Dilemmas in Bio-Medical Ethics 2005/2/7 (M), Week 2, Class 2 Readings Helga Kuhse and Peter Singer, “What is Bioethics? A Historical Introduction,” in A Companion to Bioethics , pp 1-11. James Rachels, “Ethical Theory and Bioethics,” in A Companion to Bioethics , pp 15-23. Charles Rosenberg, “Meaning, Policies, and Medicine: On the Bioethical Enterprise and History,” in Bioethics and Beyond , pp 27-46 Divide into three groups and pull out the main points of each author Kuhse and Singer Historical ethics: benevolence, Christianity, moral basis of doctor-patient
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Unformatted text preview: relationship • Nursing ethics: power, feminist, switch from obedience to self-assertive • How technology changed responsibility, who gets care; what is death. • Bioethics as a field of study Rachels • How rationality is not universal thinking Rosenberg • Technical and sacred. The shift away from theology and church to secularization • Paradox: medical institution and power; behavior in biology and minute control with minute gaze. Take over religious function. © 2005 MIT OCW 1...
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