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21A.216J Dilemmas in Bio-Medical Ethics 2005/4/27 (W), Week 12, Class 22 Professor Comments Rapture reflection paper. Book analyses were very interesting; consider the role of venture capital and the way that science is conducted. To what extent is it ethical for scientists to also act as entrepreneurs? Alexander suggests that biology is like jazz, is flexible and is contingent. Legally authorized. Enjoyed strong arguments and the religion of biotech. “If biotech is a religion, should it receive federal funding?” in a paper. Entertainment vs how science is constructed today. the way that Lock’s book talks about the hybrid, looking at those who are brain dead, kept artificially alive through technology. How are we defining what constitutes life. Is it ethical to be experimenting with stem cells and cloned embryos? Categories of what is human is expanded. Lock reading. Please keep up. Monday section involves more religion and culture in Japan and how that affects people’s notions. Course evaluations on Wednesday. Another film soon. Student Presentation Making the definition of death uniform—what death is, what brain death is. The person, the body, where is the individual/soul situated. Last three chapters were about Japanese involvement with brain death, organ scarcity, and moral traditions and social implications. Page 103 quote. Private domain, medical tradition—but systematization of brain death following Harvard Ad Hoc committee in 1969. Criteria—dealing with defining brain death. Lack of consensus of brain death diagnosis because of varying diagnostic technique; doctors decided under private domain. Should the doctor be in charged with determining brain death. Huge variety of criteria and methodology. Who should have the final word? - There should be a standard but there will be interpretation. The family has some weight and more importantly is the significance of that diagnosis. - Neurologist should diagnose. Doctors already have the final word. -
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4_27_05_216j_rev - 21A.216J Dilemmas in Bio-Medical Ethics...

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