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21A.216J Dilemmas in Bio-Medical Ethics 2005/5/11 (W), Week 14, Class 26 Presenter: Professor Erica James Widow cleansing—contributing to the AIDS crises Not cultural practices necessarily, or group behavior, but rather questions of structural violence and long-standing patterns of historical injustices, political and economic ills in society and Second chapter—TB in prisons and whether sending someone to prison is in effect a form of second punishment, because they are more likely to be afflicted with multi-drug resistant TB. His question is what should medical ethics be and what should our focus be? Should there be another medical ethics that come out of extreme poverty and other social ills? There needs to be, he says, a view of social justice linking medical ethics. On that note, James wants to know what the role of the physician should be and what should medicine be focused on— and who has the right to determine that? What should doctors be focusing on? Student: looking at the role of technology and the policies governing those technologies and patients has not quite caught up with that technology; increasing focus on MPH Student: This class is a little depressing. Science, intended to make the world a better place, is not so transparent or neutral. To help people, there are also a lot more problems that come with new technologies. You’re helping but you’re also manipulating the situation and it can backfire in many ways. Do individual doctors have the resources? Student: Community is made of these doctors. Professor: Structural violence—top-down approach to change, bottom-up is limited; to effect real change, must have access to institution and break it down from the inside. Student: populations can’t be saved by individual doctors
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5_11_05_216j_rev - 21A.216J Dilemmas in Bio-Medical Ethics...

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