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INTRODUCTION TO COURSE Housekeeping: A. Each of you should include on the paper being sent around: name e-mail year m a j o r previous anthropology or sociology courses? why taking the course? B. Books: 1. Available at the bookstore; they are required C. The 2003 and 2007 versions of the course are available at OpenCourseWare site 1. This year’s version is radically changed D. Misc.: 1. Lectures will be posted after being presented on the class website 2. All readings have been posted 3. I also sometimes add supplemental readings, usually from the mass media a. If newspaper articles are posted for a particular class, they are always optional reading—only the scholarly pieces are required b. Keep the supplemental readings in mind when you’re deciding on a paper topic 4. I periodically add to the supplemental readings a. If you have a pdf or weblink that you think would be useful, send it along Nature of course A. CI-H course 1. Improve communication skills, especially writing 1 Introduction to Course 12/14/2010
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2 a. The syllabus contains the specifics of the CI-H component of the course B. Course requirements 1. No prerequisites 2. Strong discussion component a. Basic format is one hour interactive lecture, followed by student- led discussion and activities 1) For example, work in groups and present your findings b. Study questions on the readings will be posted at the website 1) You’ll be asked to answer these in class at random, or use them when you’re leading a discussion c. You may be asked to submit discussion questions d. The Forum Section of the website allows us to read one another’s Reader Responses 3. Written assignments are fairly easy a. 3 papers 4. Reading a. As it says on the syllabus, you must do the reading b . Reader Responses 1) Consisting of a few sentences, a paragraph a) Nothing you can’t do in 5 minutes, after doing the readings 2) I’ve found these to be quite useful: students come much more
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anth218jackson2010 - INTRODUCTION TO COURSE Housekeeping A...

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