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Questions on Pascoe 1-174 1. Did your high school have anything like the “Mr. Cougar” contest? If so, describe. 2. What do we mean by “masculinity”? 3. “Very few men, if any, are actually hegemonically masculine, but all men do benefit, to different extents…” (p. 7). Discuss. What does “hegemonic” mean? Is the same true for women—very few are hegemonically feminine, but all women do benefit…? 4. “…in the United States, adults interpret adolescent sexuality as problematic and disruptive, as opposed to a normal part of the life course…” (p. 29). What’s your opinion on this? 5. What is “queer theory”? (some info on p. 10) 6. Describe “compulsory heterosexuality.” 7. “‘Being a lesbian is accepted because guys think, ‘Oh, that’s cool.’” Assume this is so. Does it surprise you? What are the reasons River High students give? What are the ones Pascoe gives? Any other possible reasons? 8. Why do gay male personal ads ask for “‘straight-appearing, straight-acting men’” (p. 59)? 9. “The specter of the fag.” The fag as “abject.” Discuss. 10. Discuss how male sexuality is racialized (“raced” is another way of putting it) at River High. (pp. 71-77) 11. “The theater is a place for all sorts of experimentation, so why not a metaphorical and physical space for gender and sexual experimentation?” (pp. 80-81) Was this the way it was at your high school? 12. Compare MIT to River High with respect to homophobia; enacting masculinity and femininity, or repudiating these identities; and gender maneuvering or bending. 13.
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MIT21A_218JS10_q02 - Questions on Pascoe 1-174 1 Did your...

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