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QUESTIONS ON RHODES 1-224 1. What did you know about maximum security prisons prior to reading this book? 2. List the ways in which maximum security prisons differ from ordinary prisons. 3. When did these maximum security prisons begin to be built? What were the rationales for establishing them? 4. The jacket blurb (text on the back cover) states that incarceration tells us about who we are as a society. What is your opinion on this? If you agree, list five lessons that maximum security prisons teach us about our society. 5. Another part of the back cover contains a blurb by Philippe Bourgois, who states that in maximum security prisons “good, bad, and evil fall by the wayside.” What do you think he means? 6. Bourgois also refers to “the correctional high-tech machine.” List eight ways maximum security prisons fit this description. If you have enough knowledge about regular prisons, spell out the differences. 7. Compare how Rhodes entered into her research field site with how Bourgois did it. Then find similarities between the Washington maximum security prison and River High with respect to conducting ethnographic fieldwork in them. 8. How often, while reading the book, did you think about how you would fare as a maximum security prisoner? Discuss. 10. “Then they would drive him to a nearby city and drop him off outside the emergency room of a public hospital.” (p. 3). This is what would happen to Vincent, about to be released, if attempts to commit him to a state hospital fall through. Describe the differences in Vincent’s social (including legal) identity in these three institutions. 11. “The tighter the control becomes the more problematic are the effects it precipitates.” (p. 4). Discuss the ways in which these effects are problematic.
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MIT21A_218JS10_q06 - QUESTIONS ON RHODES 1-224 1. What did...

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