MIT21A_218JS10_q13 - Questions on Omi & Winant,...

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Jefferson, Du Bois, Jensen, Jacobs 1. Omi and Winant: says discovering that by legal definition one is not white because one is 1/32 Negro is “catastrophic.” Why? 2. In contrast to the other major distinction of this type, that of gender, there is no biological basis for distinguishing among human groups along the lines of race (p. 55). Discuss. 3. Racial formation is a process of historically situated projects. Provide two examples of such projects. 4. Race is a concept that signifies and symbolizes social conflicts and interests by referring to different types of human bodies. Provide two examples 5. Omi and Winant write that racial formation processes occur through a linkage between structure and representation. Give 2 examples of such linkage. 6. What is hegemony? (Omi and Winant pp. 56, 67, 68). 7. Discuss the neoconservative and liberal conceptualizations of equality with respect to race. 8.
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MIT21A_218JS10_q13 - Questions on Omi & Winant,...

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