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ln1314alternatives (1) - 21A. 219 Law and Society...

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21A. 219 Law and Society Alternatives to Law: Varieties of dispute processing I. Functions of law: the context for considering law and alternatives to law. Recall the meaning of functions: consequences of patterns of action intended (manifest functions) unintended (latent functions) a) social control: processes and structures used to (intended to) reduce or prevent deviance. Law is formal or governmental social control. b) dispute resolution: there is no society without dispute, difference, conflict and most have violence of some sort. Societies vary (in time and across the globe) in how they manage conflict, differences, disputes. c) distribution, innovation, and social change. II. Historical forms of "law" III. Contemporary forms of dispute resolution - processes and their names: varies IV. Mediation, a criticism and a critique criticism: unmasking, truth telling, holding institutions accountable to self-claims critique: locates practices within history and social forces; identifies who benefits and
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ln1314alternatives (1) - 21A. 219 Law and Society...

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