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quiz1_2002 - NAME 16.060 QUIZ All questions are worth 10...

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NAME: 16.060 QUIZ October 24, 2002 All questions are worth 10 points each. 1. Answer TRUE or FALSE (you may include a sentence of explanation if you wish) a. A linear system with feedback may be characterized as stable for certain inputs and as unstable for other inputs. b. Increasing the root-locus gain of a first-order, linear feedback system always tends to make the system more stable. c. Good tracking and good disturbance rejection are typically the goal of control system design, but cannot be achieved simultaneously with the use of feedback control. d. The open-loop zeroes of a linear system can be moved with feedback. e. The root-locus gain is important because it determines steady-state errors.
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NAME: 2. Consider the system represented by the following pole/zero diagram, where the pole at the origin represents a step input. The system has unity gain. X O X X X 3j -3j -3 not to scale -0.1 -0.12 step input a. Write down the form of the step response c(t) . No numbers are necessary for the residue magnitudes and angles, but define your notation.
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