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± Practice State-Space Problem for Quiz 1 16.060: Principles of Automatic Control October 8, 2003 For the following differential equation: ¨ w +6 w w +5 ˙ r r +2 r 1. Derive a state-space model in the form: ± u x ˙ = A±x + y x + ± = u Take r to be the input and w to be the output. 2. Draw a block diagram for the system, and clearly label the input, the state variables, and the output. (Hint: look at the diagram on page 4 of the Lecture 13 notes.)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Using your state-space model, determine the transfer function G ( s ) from the input to the output. 4. Calculate the state-transition matrix ( t ). 1 x (0) = , and there are no inputs, what is the state vector 5. If the initial state is x ( t ) at time t > 0? 1 1...
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