examtakehome1 - 16.100 Take-Home Exam #1 Distributed:...

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16.100 Take-Home Exam #1 Distributed: October 17 at 10am Due: October 24 at 9am Directions: This take-home exam is to be completed without help from any other individual except Prof. Darmofal. This includes help from other students (whether or not they are taking 16.100), the TA’s, other faculty, people on the Internet, etc. Questions may be asked to Prof. Darmofal. Prof. Darmofal’s responses will be sent to the entire class. You are permitted to use your books, class notes, library resources, etc. However, any resources you use in solving the problems must be cited. The ONLY resources you do not need to include are the Anderson textbook and any notes of mine (including those you might have from in-class). Any other books, web sites, etc. that you have used MUST be cited. The exam is due in class at 9am on October 24. Absolutely no late exams will be accepted. Also, the content of the written and oral exams cannot be discussed until after the last oral exam (which will be Friday, October 28 at 5pm).
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examtakehome1 - 16.100 Take-Home Exam #1 Distributed:...

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