hw9 - 16.100 Homework Assignment 9 Due Monday November 21...

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16.100 Homework Assignment # 9 Due: Monday November 21, 9am Reading Assignment Anderson, 3 rd edition: Chapter 19 (everything) Problem 1 In this problem, you will develop an estimate for the friction drag on the trapezoidal wing of an F-16C at approach conditions. We will assume the approach speed is 200 mph and take the air conditions as sea- level, standard day. We will also consider a wind tunnel test of a 1/10 scale model of the F-16C at 100 mph (assume the tunnel air conditions are also sea-level, standard day). The trapezoidal wing is the wing extended to the centerline (i.e. the fuselage and the strake are not included). The planform and dimensions of the trapezoidal wing for the full-scale F-16C are shown below: c r b c t where 31 ft, 16.2 ft, and 3.2 ft. In the following estimates, we will modify the usual approach for estimating skin friction drag based on a single mean value of c to include a laminar and a turbulent boundary layer section each with its own value of c . We will assume that the boundary layer transitions at a Reynolds number based on x of 10 = b = r c = t c f f 6 . a) For the actual F-16C at approach, estimate the skin friction drag coefficient accounting for both the laminar and turbulent boundary layer effects. Include a drawing that indicates the specific region on
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hw9 - 16.100 Homework Assignment 9 Due Monday November 21...

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