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Gender Studies Essay - Brown 1 Evan Brown Steinert Gender...

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Evan Brown Steinert Gender Studies 28 September 2009 Surprise I chose Gender Studies because I thought it would help me understand women to help me with my senior project. In a way it has, but it has done much more than that. Gender Studies has given me an insight to the thoughts of a feminist and insight to factors in current teenagers lives. This class not only looks at harsh truths of others and point out their mistakes, but it points out mine too. Gender Studies has shown me that simple remarks or actions can have big impacts on others egos and confidence. The first week of class was like a slap in the face. We watched a video by Jean Killbourne of the negative, degrading effect that advertising has on women. My senior project supports marketing and advertising explains how it is detrimental for a business to have success. At first I held up a front that denied all of the facts in the movie but as it progressed, my opinions were being molded. I understood a whole different side of something that I researched for six months. I understood the points Jean Killbourne was making and it made me look into my life to see why I put up a front that advertisements weren’t causing insecurities in women. I thought this
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Gender Studies Essay - Brown 1 Evan Brown Steinert Gender...

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