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Informational Report 2008-2009 - Brown 1 Evan Brown Girton...

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Evan Brown Girton Economics AA August 17, 2009 Modern Teen Market $100,000,000,000 per year is possible. If a business could, they would take all of it, the only problem is the competition and the constant strenuous effort to get it year after year. But to get a piece of that, businesses have hired marketers and advertisers to get more of that money. Even though marketing and advertisements are expensive, they bring enormous potential to a business. And these ads for the $100 billion aren’t directed to multi-billionaires or even millionaires, but these marketers and advertisers are focused on people who can’t even walk into a bar or gamble, they are barely old enough to vote. These professionals are focused on kids who are beginning to learn basic algebra, and feel as if they are constantly under the spot-light. These professionals are focused on teenagers between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. Some might not expect teens to be worth so much, but they represent sixty percent of every dollar spent in the United States (Rushkoff). And by 2010 there will be even more teens, 35 million, which will be the largest in the history of the U.S. (Michman). So with the growth in teens, there would be a growth in potential revenue, which means marketers and advertisers should continuously work hard in order to stay up with the competition and produce high quality convincing advertisements. When $100 billion is at stake, every company would be trying their best to extend their sales, and that is done through understanding the customers, being innovative and planning. To do that one must understand that its not just clothes that are being sold, but a lifestyle that the Brown 1
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clothes represent. American Eagle Outfitters was successful with this and it helped them make a comeback in the early 2000s with an active outdoorsy image (Michman). To have the right audience understand the right message, advertisers must carefully select the right words, phrases and tone, creating precise and powerful mental pictures while reducing confusion (Brown). And if all this is done then a successful motivational ad will be ready to send out to the public. Luckily for teen businesses “teens respond to advertising” (Brown), so if there is an ad that really speaks to them and produces a desire then chances are that the business is increasing its sales. But the only problem with this is advertising doesn’t know what the audience wants, and this is where marketing takes place. According to Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD., “Marketing is the wide range of activities involved in making sure that you're continuing to meet the needs of your customers and getting value in return.” So marketers have a marketing plan/ strategy to determine “which family members (or member) are likely to have the most influence on the purchasing decision. In this way communications can be directed to the correct individual or individuals” (Michman). Simply, marketing will find what the consumer wants and the lifestyle
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Informational Report 2008-2009 - Brown 1 Evan Brown Girton...

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