Inquiry 4 Reflective

Inquiry 4 Reflective - Evan Brown ENG 112 Leslee Chan 28...

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Evan Brown ENG 112 Leslee Chan 28 April 2011 Inquiry 4 English 112 has helped me with my analytical, reading and writing skills. This class has given me the opportunity to exercise these three skills. In my papers I chose to take on tough topics in order to challenge myself and grow as a reader and writer. For inquiry one, I connected the death of the father and journey of the son in The Road to the death and resurrection of Jesus. This was tough because I had to plan it out and think about how to make the connection in a logical way that held true in many dynamics. When I met with professor Chan I used my full scheduled time to discuss this topic and get my ideas organized. After that meeting I continued to edit and change my ideas, I hadn’t even type anything at that point. All this planning helped out when it came to the writing and structure of the paper. I ended up getting a 97% and there were some people that had to do revisions on this tough assignment. It wasn’t just my writing that got me the grade. It was a factor of my reading and analytical skills sharpening and pushing out more ideas or materials to work with. This class is where these three skills not only increased but started working more in sync. My reading skills were the first to increase. I was actively engaged and interested in
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Inquiry 4 Reflective - Evan Brown ENG 112 Leslee Chan 28...

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