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Evan Brown Steinert Gender Studies 15 November 2009 Being intersex must be one of the hardest truths to live with. It must be terribly difficult to be confused about your gender. Being uncomfortable in your skin is hard enough, but when intersex there is no comparison. I do believe that being intersex is one of the hardest ways to live. But in the video we watched about intersex college students, they find support with other intersex people like them. For intersex people I would imagine that support groups are the only things that keep these people sane. When Irvin/ Erin was at Clark, everyone though he was the weirdest person ever. I would imagine that he was terribly depressed from the isolation that everyone created. Not many people
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Unformatted text preview: wanted to talk to him and to be accepted he had to look like a girl, and people who didn’t know him mostly accepted him. I would imagine that he felt no support and from my experiences with him, he seemed like a very sexual person, and most people would be creeped out when hearing/ thinking of intersex sex. But for most intersex people I would hope they find acceptance in life, but I think that intersex people find most acceptance from other intersex people. Although intersex people can find support from those who aren’t intersex, I think it comes by hiding it at first because most would be creeped out if that’s all they knew about the person....
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