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Evan Brown Girton Extended Essay AA 13 October 2009 Interviews (Expert) Erica Wirtz 1) How are you qualified to understand the media, marketing and advertising? Exposed to it, am a consumer, watch/read/see it Went to school 2) What individuals, organizations, books or articles would help me to better understand the media, marketing and advertising? AdAge – magazine about advertising Brand Week Power of internet Analysis of ads 3) What are some goals for marketing and advertising, other than increase sales? Reaches people/ households Future of marketing (DVR, skipping through ads)
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Is there a point when a business is no longer dependent on marketing and advertising to be successful? • M+A always necessary with new products 5) Can marketing and advertising be separated or do they always work together? 6) Examples, specific products that have made rebounds with marketing and advertising or failed because of a lack of it? • So many different ways M+A finds consumers and now it is more exact • IPod developed cool easy way to listen to music – timing and innovation Brown 1...
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