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Interview Kevin Keuffer

Interview Kevin Keuffer - 4 Have you ever bought something...

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Evan Brown Girton Extended Essay AA 12 October 2009 Interviews (Experiential) Kevin Keuffer 17 1) How often do you notice ads? Do you feel like you respond to them? Do they particularly appeal to you? Everywhere, Often, one out of twenty 2) What qualities do ads show for their clothes? This could be noticed in catalogues or store fronts not necessarily a television ad. Expense/ new trends/ clothes – whats hot/new 3) What stores do you go to when looking for clothes? How do you know about these stores? Why do you shop there? Shopping online – Pacsun, Actionvillage.com, Karmaloop.com Notice ads on search engines Have newer things I like, deals, certain purchases
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Have you ever bought something with out seeing an ad for it? How did you know about it? • Yes, cheap basic stuff – sweat pants, white Ts 5) Have you ever bought something out of impulse (seemed like a good idea at the time), then never wore it? If so, what did you buy? • Yes some jeans looked cool but didn’t fit right 6) Why do you buy the brands that you do? Example: Buy Nike because I trust the brand will be recognized as cool and is always popular. • DC, Ecko, Alien Workshop – support things I like • DC – Rob Dyrdek, nitro Circus, Ken Block, Travi Pastrana endorsments...
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