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Mask Speech 2 - ME How can I get past the lust of what’s...

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Evan Brown Mask Speech  11 March 2010 Throughout my life I have been changing, physically, mentally and socially. Part of this  changing is just growing up, but part of it is me and my views: my mask.  ME:     I strive for change but is it always growth? I like to think its gold, but it could turn  out to be nothing but dust and bones (Milkman and Guitar’s quest for the green sack). Mask:     I’m new and improved. ME:   How do I know? Mask:  Just look at who you used to be, you’ve changed since then.
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Unformatted text preview: ME: How can I get past the lust of what’s new and into the Truth of what I love and what is really best? Mask: What is love? What is now is lust, and you’ll love it. Trust me. Do it. Be cool. ME: I don’t think I can, I’ve got to settle down on what I know and what I’m about. I’ve got to give up this chameleon lifestyle and be me. Take it or leave it....
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