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Mask Speech Sponge

Mask Speech Sponge - I have heard stories from people in...

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Evan Brown Wertheimer English 12 AA 28 April 2010 Sponge/ Eyes The color green is known as a neutral color. I don’t typically commit to one side, I play the field. I can adapt to most environments and deal with what I’m around. But I don’t just deal with it, I respect it for what its worth. This explains why I could be walking down Vine street with the homies on a Friday night and the next day be strolling through Indian Hill in an Audi.
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Unformatted text preview: I have heard stories from people in the hood and people who live in mansions and I listen to them all. I respect their view and try to see it as my own. This is an openness that I see as both moral and beautiful. I believe that seeing and respecting one’s side of something is morality, but accepting it and considering it along with your previous views is beautiful. And to me an open mind is the epitome of beauty....
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