Ohio island research paper

Ohio island research paper - Evan Brown 4/ 10/ 2008...

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Evan Brown 4/ 10/ 2008 Research Paper Dead Zones Dead zones have been a growing problem since the 1960s. It is a big problem for Lake Erie and all of its inhabitants. This lake is used for many things especially in the economy, and the island depends on transportation from the lake and without the lake, the islands would be useless. These Dead Zones in Lake Erie are layers of cold water at the bottom of the central basin that has little or no dissolved oxygen in it. When the water warms in Lake Erie, it creates three different layers. The warmer top layer is called the epilimnion, and has good oxygen levels and plant and animal life. The second, middle layer is called the thermocline, and is a small layer rapid temperature changes and loss of a little bit of oxygen. The bottom layer is known as the hypolimnion, its cold, and has low oxygen levels, no sunlight, algae activity, and bacteria composes here causing a lot of oxygen to be used up. This happens mainly in the middle of the lake where the water is around 50
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Ohio island research paper - Evan Brown 4/ 10/ 2008...

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