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Persuasive Paper 11th grade

Persuasive Paper 11th grade - Brown 1 Evan Brown Girton 24...

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Evan Brown Girton 24 November 2008 Persuasive Paper “Wealth may be an excellent thing, for it means power, it means leisure, it means liberty” – James Russell Lowell. If you are wealthy, you have the ability to do many things, from buy your own boat, have many elegant cars, own seven houses, own a private island and even become president. Now only the people who can raise enormous sums actually have a chance at becoming President. It shows that our nation is somewhat of a plutocracy, where government is run by the wealthy. When Abraham Lincoln was campaigning in 1860 to become president, he did not require a great deal of money, all he did was go town to town via horse, train or boat and talk to groups of people and carry along with posters and be talked about in newspapers. When Harry Truman campaigned for the United States Presidency in 1948, he was seen as the underdog, he had to do all he possibly could to win. According to the US News article of 10/ 30/ 2008, Truman delivered one hundred thirty-three talks in two weeks to the country by train and when on television he was described as “free entertainment”. He ended up winning, but without the use of the technology available at the time, he would have never been able to accomplish what he did, but this technology usage was going to cost him money and as technology grew so did the price of campaigns. In 1960 the estimated spending on a Presidential campaign for both parties was one hundred seventy-five million dollars, in 1980 it reached one billion and in 2004 estimated spending reached six billion dollars according to Herbert E. Alexander from the Federal Election Commission. Now money is a big factor in elections all over the country, and whoever raises the most money will be most likely to win. According to American.gov, Howard Brown 1
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Dean, in 2004, enhanced a way to raise money through the internet. With internet fundraising he was able to get supporters to donate time and money all through a website. Through this, he was able to make a “phenomenal amount of money” and do it effectively, this becomes important because the spending for Presidential elections is increasing dramatically. Elections are all about the money and power. After Barrack Obama successfully harnessing modern technology, will it change the way elections are run in this country? Based on Barrack Obama’s blowout against McCain in the election, it can be concluded that Barack Obama’s election as president in the election of 2008 is a milestone in US History because of his landmark use of technology.
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Persuasive Paper 11th grade - Brown 1 Evan Brown Girton 24...

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