Reflective Essay 2009-2010

Reflective Essay 2009-2010 - Brown 1 Evan Brown Mary...

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Evan Brown Mary Wertheimer English 12 Honors 15 April 2010 Conveying Ideas As the end of senior year approaches and college creeps up, I feel prepared for it. I feel this way because I know I have learned a lot this year. Although I am not as skilled as a writer from The New York Times, I can convey my ideas fluently. I have been able to do this by being less redundant, using vivid language and organizing my arguments and conclusions. Part of this growth comes from being around more adults and those who speak more proper but that growth is marginal compared to the growth I have made in English class this year. Over the year I have become less redundant. This change is achieved through drafting, prewriting and proof reading. I never stressed the importance of preparation and revision but now drafting, prewriting and prewriting have become habits. Doing this helps me organize my ideas and keeps me from saying things like this: This year flew by so fast (“My Changing Language”) If I were to have proof read this, I would not have said “so fast” because “flew by” means it was already fast. Examples like that were common last year. Another example was in “Change in
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Reflective Essay 2009-2010 - Brown 1 Evan Brown Mary...

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