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Research Paper 08-09 Energy Crisis

Research Paper 08-09 Energy Crisis - Brown 1 Evan Brown...

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Brown 1 Evan Brown Wertheimer/Barth English AA Bell 4 1 October 2008 United States Energy Crisis (Energy Independence) Energy independence is the idea that a nation can produce its own resources for the demand of its citizens. The first gasoline powered car in the United States was built by Ford in 1903. When gasoline became popular it was about 8 cents a gallon, this is when gas was being drilled and produced completely on United States soil (“Inside Cleveland's Crawford Auto Museum”). The United States used oil in the form of gasoline because it was so abundant and so cheap, the U.S. had large supplies of it which they could drill and did not have to rely on foreign gasoline. In 1970 we imported 24% of our oil, today it’s nearly 70% and growing (“Pickens Plan: The Plan”). The United States is using more oil than it can produce to meet its demands and production of oil peaked in 2005 so even though there is a growing demand for oil, production has been going down for three straight years (“Pickens Plan: The Plan”). This is why we are so dependent on foreign nations for oil, because we cannot produce enough oil domestically to meet our demands so it is becoming less abundant by the barrel. This causes the price to grow higher and higher and the speculators on wall street are just making the situation worse by trying to make big profits from buying oil for a reasonable price then selling it at a higher price to make large profits (“Democratic Platform Regarding Energy”). There are three reasons why the U.S. needs to explore all ways of becoming energy independent: the rising carbon levels affecting the entire atmosphere we live in (global
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Brown 2 warming), the increasingly dreadful cost of gasoline and independency from foreign oil. The Republicans and Democrats agree in their platforms that all three of the above issues must be resolved but they have different ways of achieving this goal. They recognize that it is a
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