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Senior Project Body 3

Senior Project Body 3 - Brown 1 Evan Brown Robert Girton...

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Evan Brown Robert Girton Extended Essay Honors 23 February 2010 Preference The third step business relies on when marketing and advertising products to teens is to push them to buy the product right then and there. The store is the last stop for persuasion, because the business wants the customer to purchase something before leaving. This is why the store front, store layout and sale associates are carefully picked. The business doesn’t want to lose a potential sale through unappealing or boring stores because the business has to do so much work (create a positive brand image and desire) to get the customer inside the store (Roberts). This explains why Jesus Andres, a salesman at Metro Park (a young adult fashion store), says the customer must be greeted in a positive way to make him or her feel accepted and comfortable. Businesses know that making the customer feel welcomed and comfortable will increase the likelihood of him or her purchasing a product (Andres). After all, teens are spending ninety percent of their money in stores compared to online as of 2006 (Soltoff). Hopefully the brand image and desire are strong enough so that people will go into debt to gain access into the image or group that the brand offers (Girton). The business wants to make the most sales possible so it must understand how to appeal to customers in the store because it relies heavily on that as a means of sales. Persuading the teen to buy a certain product in the store is accomplished by incorporating the brand image and desires into the store layout. This means the store maintains the same image shown in its advertisements. For example, Hollister (a teen clothing store) advertises images of Brown 1
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California surfboarders and beach goers. Therefore Hollister maintains a consistent look between its advertisements and stores. Fig. 12. Hollister Advertisement. Word Press. 1 Sept 2008. Web. 23 Feb 2010.
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Senior Project Body 3 - Brown 1 Evan Brown Robert Girton...

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