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Sociology Gender Paper

Sociology Gender Paper - Brown 1 Evan Brown Robert Girton...

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Evan Brown Robert Girton Sociology 1 February, 2010 Gender Home is where the honey is. Home is where you relax after a hard day of work and where a dinner is waiting, cooked by your beautiful blond hair, blue eyes, slender yet voluptuous wife. Right? At least that is what the typical American home is like in my mind and in most American men’s mind. But this is far from reality. Do we get what we want or what we envision? No, not all the time. In reality, not all girls are know how to cook well, have nice curves, pretty faces or are willing to be a stay at home mom and wait on a man every moment. Because of different expectations that men and women have for each other, the American household is a place of conflict. There is a winner which is typically the man and a loser which is typically the woman. The man typically works and the wife typically takes care of the household (common chores, kids, etc.). Although there may be instances where the wife wants to ne a stay at home mom, the man typically ends up with a better or easier role in the household. This happens so much
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