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Sociology Victim Victimizer - Brown 1 Evan Brown Robert...

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Evan Brown Robert Girton Sociology 25 February 2010 Victim and Victimizer All people are both victims and victimizers of racism. This means there is no such thing as being “color blind,” there are just different levels of the way we see or react to color. Some people are extremely color sensitive (White or Black supremacist) and those who are slightly color sensitive (very peaceful or accepting people) and people who notice a difference between races and follow society’s or the media’s view on race (accepting on the surface, but not one hundred percent accepting). Personally I follow society’s view on race, but I believe it has been affected by my experiences. My experiences have consisted of being both a victim and a victimizer of racism. I was a victim of racism one night during spring break. That night my white friend and I were mugged by two tall, stocky, black “thugs.” I was already skeptical of them as soon as I saw them near the apartments close to my house. For me, they envisioned what typical “thugs” would look like (big, black, baggy pants, rough-looking). I wanted to walk past them without trouble but before I knew it, I had a gun put to my chest and my pockets were being emptied. At that time I was a nervous wreck, I couldn’t believe it, I had been taken advantage of. These black thugs took my wallet, phone, iPod and my half empty pack of gum and I later realized they
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Sociology Victim Victimizer - Brown 1 Evan Brown Robert...

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