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SPB - Brand Image - who have a prior image similar to what...

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Brand Image Brand image gets inside the head of the consumer. It is all about the way the consumer sees a company, which is reflected onto the product (Arnold). This means the image the brand creates is representative of what the brand stands for. That image is specific, and is directed towards a certain lifestyle or certain demographic that would appeal to a portion of teenagers. This image is created through advertising, mostly involving sponsorships with celebrities
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Unformatted text preview: who have a prior image similar to what the brand wants for itself (Woods). For a business to follow a friendship style of persuading the teen, the brand must first gain the teen’s trust, which is done through a positive brand image. With increased trust in the business, the teen will feel more confident with the business to satisfy his or her wants and needs. This will ultimately keep the teen loyal to the business....
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