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Creating Desire Desire strikes the heart of the consumer by showing how the brand and the consumer relate. Desire builds off of brand image and it is the business’s way of showing that its particular product can fix the consumers specific problem. This problem is discovered by marketers and varies depending on what product is being sold. “To create desire, a brand must have a deep understanding of its audience, and know their likes and dislikes” (Woods). Those interests are reflected onto the products to spark interest by raising
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Unformatted text preview: awareness in what the business is selling. Sometimes businesses become so persuasive that they can manipulate their audiences easily. This is very true with teens because businesses know teens better than teens know themselves. Businesses know teens are at a point in their life where they dont know who they are. Therefore teens are constantly looking for what is cool and are willing to try on a new identity. This means a business can sell anything to a crowd as long as they know how to sell it....
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