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SPB - Discussion of Controversy

SPB - Discussion of Controversy - is a friendship approach...

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Discussion of Controversy One might say that marketing and advertising to teens is the same as adults. Some might say that marketing and advertising products to teens is the same as marketing and advertising to adults. In a way this is true because the three step process stays the same. This is why all businesses first gain the customers trust through a positive brand image, then offer a solution to the customer’s dilemma then find a way to get the customer to follow through with a purchase. It
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Unformatted text preview: is a friendship approach to get the customer on the business’s side and get the customer to spend money. This approach is used to gain trust but it can not sell a product unless it is specific to what the customer is interested in. Although businesses follow the three step friendship approach to gain the trust of consumers of all ages, the actual products sold are geared towards a specific audience....
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