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SPB - Pushing to Buy - clothing than comfort and...

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Pushing to Buy Pushing the consumer to buy a specific product is all about appearing “perfect.” This is what salesmen specialize in. Jesus Andres, a sales associate at Metro Park, a young adult, trendy fashion store, admits to telling customers “that shirt really matches your style” in order to get the consumer to buy that specific shirt. Sometimes there is no need for salesmen, because the brand image and desire are strong enough to sell the product, or a low price is the main priority for the consumer. “Not that fashion has an effect on everyone. Some don't want anything more from their
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Unformatted text preview: clothing than comfort and versatility… Where people fall on the fashion spectrum influences how much they're willing to spend and what brands they'll accept as their own” (Zborowski). This means that each group is different and each store draws in a different group which will require different levels of attention from salesmen. But marketers understand each group so well, that they are able to figure out which group requires more attention to sell to. This is why there are salesmen at Metro Park and not at Walmart....
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SPB - Pushing to Buy - clothing than comfort and...

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