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SPB - Value of work - or she likes Sprite Does that person...

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Value of Work Understanding the tactics that businesses use to appeal to consumers makes the consumer more skeptical and more aware of what one really likes. For example, one may like Sprite because he or she believes it is better than the competition because it tastes better. A blind taste test may show contradicting data. If that is the case, then the consumer has fallen victim to Sprite’s advertising. Does that person really understand why he
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Unformatted text preview: or she likes Sprite? Does that person really like Sprite because its taste is superior to the competition, or does the brand just appear to be better through its use of the media? If that is the case, the consumer is a puppet controlled by the brand through advertising. Therefore being aware of a business’s tactics for appealing or persuading, one will make more conscious decisions on the things he or she buys....
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